Delivering “Central Flow Computer Management”, “Validated Measurements”, “Imbalance Forensics” and “Quality Net Barrels” for our midstream liquids customer base. Including dashboards for Polling / Flow Computer Management, Measurements / Validations, and Material Balance / Imbalance Forensics.

Polling and Flow Computer Management

Critical for an effective Material Balance system is timely, automatic measurement gathering. HighWire’s polling module replaces manual processes and functions to achieve this.

  • Polling can be customer scheduled or event based to retrieve configuration, alarms, ticketing intervals, dailies, and batches.
  • It supports most Modbus devices and has historical event (Raw Data Archive) capability.
  • Register mapping has been simplified by creating a comprehensive list of measurement attribute and then register(s) are mapped to that measurement attribute. Create one map for a device type and then all devices of that type can be polled via common polling templates.
  • Flow computer configurations can be polled and archived. If a configuration is changed, alerts and notifications are triggered.
  • The polling subsystem is architected to be highly available (HA), fault tolerant, scalable and supports an active / active disaster recovery architecture. A small agent can be placed in your SCADA network with only one or possibly no ports open for secure communications to the rest of the HighWire system.

Measurement and Validations

Measurements are efficiently and accurately gathered by the polling system. Automatic ticket creation including “best available volume” concepts allowing balancing and billing sooner with automatic adjustments when more accurate information (lab) becomes available. Measurements are validated against customer configured and scripted validations applied at the appropriate granularity.  

  • Unlimited measurement validations can be configured and severity assigned.
  • The measurement dashboard easily identifies areas of concern.
  • Measurement calculations can use flow computer calculations or use central calculations. Industry standard calculations supported include: COSTALD, Chapter 11/12, TP15/16/27, NIST 4/14, and NIST 23-Refprop.
  • Product and routes are configurable for each meter which aids in accurate ticket entry and creation.
  • Meter Factor and Densitometer Factor adjustments can automatically recalculate applicable tickets and create corrections.
  • Creation and application of lab at ticket level.  Assignment to tickets from lab entry screens. Automated ticket correction is calculated and saved when the lab is saved.
  • Advanced support for Line Fill, Well Empty, and Tank Gauges static measurements.

Material Balance

Material balance consists of accurate system calculated adjustments and easy availability of forensic data for early imbalance diagnosis.  The material balance dashboard highlights imbalance issues, employs a drill down approach to allow easy access to the data needed, and lowers the need to involve multiple departments to find imbalance problems. Tickets created from polling are available for balancing from the second the first interval is captured.    

  • Tank gauge, Truck and meter batch tickets are supported.
  • The batch can be split via graphical density or selection of interval to split on from a grid.
  • Product conversions and blend shrink can be effortlessly applied and calculated.  Preview of newly created tickets is supported before saving.
  • Daily tickets will be automatically adjusted when the batch is received and lab is applied.  
  • Drill down into history of ticket adjustment / corrections, measurement validations, flow computer alarms, meter prove changes and densitometer factor changes.