About Us

Agile Midstream Products Inc. (AMP) started developing a world class Polling, Measurement and Material Balance product in June 2015 after its owners recognized a gap in availability of modern solutions for midstream logistics problems. AMP’s HighWire product delivers the latest technology and techniques with a scalable, highly available and disaster friendly platform for all of your polling, measurement and material balance requirements. AMP plans on following HighWire with other liquid logistics products to continue to satisfy all of the requirements of our midstream liquid customers.

Executive Team

Steven Croy

Steven Croy is the Chief Executive Officer of Agile Midstream Products Inc.  Steven is an energy industry executive and software architect with over 30 years of experience in software, consulting, and the energy business.  He has worked with American Express, Texaco, Duke Energy, Barclays Capital, True Companies and Enterprise Products.

Steven’s areas of expertise include all aspects of midstream liquid logistics including contracts and tariffs, polling, measurement, material balance, scheduling, operations, nominations, distributions, terminals and invoicing for NGL, crude and refined products. Steven has a business focus and has a passion for delivering customer requirements using the latest proven technology.

Prior to co-founding Agile Midstream Products as CEO in 2015, Steven, via his company Open Enterprise Services, was engaged as one of four architects to design and develop Estream for Enterprise Products.  Estream encompasses the entire slate of midstream liquid logistic functions.

Previously, Steven was a Vice President at Barclay’s Capital where he managed the successful U.S. upgrade and deployment of Openlink 8 for all of Barclay’s commodity trades encompassing several billions of dollars of exposure daily. He also developed trading integration from Nymex, ICE and several European exchanges and was involved in trading front end and risk systems development.

Steve also worked at Competitive Technologies. Competitive Technologies was a software development company specializing in the travel industry. He was one of the founding employees which grew the company from eight to over one hundred and fifty employees before being bought by American Express.

Steven has extensive business product development experience, which includes American Express Expense Manager, Lanyon GDS Publisher, Lanyon Total Access, Barclay’s commodities trade capture and Enterprise Product’s Estream.

Scott Kruger

Scott Kruger is the President of Agile Midstream Products Inc.  Scott is a software product specialist with over 30 years of experience in software development, managing teams, testing, and deploying software to production environments. He has worked for Competitive Technologies, American Express, and Lanyon.

Prior to co-founding Agile Midstream Products in 2015, Scott was Director of Product Development for Lanyon. He helped lead the efforts to change Lanyon from a hardware company to a software company. He was responsible for numerous software systems over his nineteen and half years at Lanyon. He has extensive experience in the full life cycle for software products from conception to delivery, including software as a service (SaaS).

 Previously, Scott was Manager of Product Development for American Express. He managed the development efforts on several software and reporting systems in the travel industry for fortune 500 companies.

Scott was one of the founding employees at Competitive technologies.  Competitive technologies was a software development company specializing in the travel industry.  He helped to grow the company from eight to over one hundred fifty employees prior to it being purchase by American Express.

Scott is a graduate of the University at Albany, NY. He obtained his Bachelor of Science with a double major of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.